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All under construction.

VX8062 (POC V3)


Version 3 of the Proof of concept package is here. Readme is here. Sadly, I have made several errors with the eariler attempts a getting this right. Thanks to some good feedback a bug in the posted hex file was corrected and a new hex file uploaded. Fingers crossed that this one will work as well for you as it does with every test I can throw at it. 


  • V1 had a DLL for vixen that did not always work.
  • V1 and V2 had the wrong firmware. Duh! 
  • V3 addresses the above issue,

Original Velleman Delphi source code package is here: This source code is not the latest as used by Velleman but only what they released openly many years ago. Their latest source code has not been released as open source. What differences there are is something I do not know.

My modified VX8062 (Delphi 6) source code is here. Please note that this requires the JvHidControllerClass component to be downloaded and installed separately. Also the ThdTimer component included in the zip file must be installed.

Diolan Plus Bootloader

This still needs some additional work. I added the PIC18 "J" series but this then changes the ball game requiring new host software as the original Diolan software is not able to handle them. Maybe I should have been smart and released something before adding the "J" series and creating a whole lot of new work.  In any case the PDF readme is here.

Dangerous Prototypes CDC projects.

The lastest CDC stack for all my work with and for dangerous prototpyes is here. This work is sort of complete for the time being as the above two projects are taking priority.



















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